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Those of us at Sandalwood Oil Specialist have spent many years in the essential oil industry. It is important for us to provide high quality information regarding sandalwood and sandalwood essential oil to those who value learning about this exquisite natural resource. We believe that sandalwood oil is precious and that sandalwood trees and forests needs to be cared for because the trees have been over harvested in every region that they naturally grow. Hence, sandalwood trees in the wild are becoming more rare, threatened and in some areas have almost disappeared. While Australia, in particular, has made great strides in planting sandalwood trees of various species, they still continue to harvest wild trees.

India has a wonderful spiritual tradition that highly values sandalwood and was at one time home to large forests that included abundant sandalwood trees. But the world’s desire for sandalwood and sandalwood oil has taken its toll on one of India’s most precious resource.

Sandalwood and its essential oil are loved and used by people all over the world. However, there are no longer enough sandalwood trees or sandalwood oil to satisfy the world demand for these items. Sandalwood trees grow relatively slowly and it takes 30 years or so for trees to reach maturity. It is also not an easy tree to cultivate, requiring specific conditions and interplanting with host species. For these and other reasons, such as land-use pressures, the outlook for enough sandalwood to meet current and future demand, is bleak. It is our hope that governments and industry will reduce the harvesting of wild trees, continue to create plantations of sandalwood, encourage planting of sandalwood trees at the village level and that manufacturers and other users of sandalwood products will use this cherished resource with more care and responsibility so that future generations may enjoy the benefits and beauty of sandalwood.

~ Will Lapaz, Essential Oil Specialist

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